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Strategic Planning


In many ways, an organization's strategic plan is among its most valuable assets.  It is where the dreams and aspirations of the organization are articulated, and at the same time, where logic and method serve to remind us to stay on track.  


WRB Consulting, let by Wendy Rose Bice, a seasoned and trusted executive in strategic consulting for nonprofit organizations and social responsibility projects, works with leadership teams to lead strategic visioning sessions. The result is a uniquely crafted Sculped Strategic Plan that reflects the organization's mission, vision, and core values.

Do you need a strategic plan created or updated? Here are some of questions you may want to explore: 

  • Does my organization have a strategic plan? If yes, is it up-to-date (IRS recommends an update to your strategic plan every three to five years)?

  • Is the plan actionable and relevant to the current environment? 

  • Does the plan provide a clear framework from which the board and executive director can make programming decisions? 

  • Is the plan realistic but also aspirational? 


Board Development

The overarching role of a board is Stewardship. This means board members bear the responsibility of ensuring the organization is adhering to its mission and by-laws, that it is operating in a sustainable fashion, and that the organization’s assets, funds, reputation and charitable purpose, are protected. Beyond this, the board must be reflective of the organization it serves. 


Overtime, boards can become complacent, or are monolithic or members have resigned and have not been replaced. Engaging WRB Consulting to conduct a board assessment and help develop a board recruitment process will enable leadership to discover and answer questions such as: 

  • Is ours a diverse, equitable and inclusive board?

  • Are board members committed and intentional in their work? 

  • Is the board involved in strategic planning and program development?

  • Are board members engaged and helping to raise funds?

Mission, Vision and DEI Statement

The realization and decision to change or update your organization’s mission and/or vision statement during the strategic planning is a normal part of the process. The addition of a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Statement further clarifies the organization’s goals and culture. 


In lieu of developing a full strategic plan, many organizations engage WRB Consulting to lead a strategic visioning session that focuses specifically on updating the organization’s mission, vision and DEI statements. This process, conducted over a half-day brainstorm session, provides organizational leadership with the opportunity to have meaningful conversations about the future direction of the project or organization. 

The complex simplicity of a healthy nonprofit: A one-day workshop for nonprofit team members

In response to client requests, WRB Consulting has developed a one-day strategic planning retreat. Throughout the course of this fast-moving, inspirational and fun day, your leadership team will work toward the creation of a strategic path forward framework. The workshop covers six areas essential to a nonprofit’s viability: mission/vision, pillars/Program, people/board, money/funding, and storytelling. Following the workshop, WRB Consulting will provide a full report with recommendations. 

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