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Fund Development & Fundraising

There is no magic potion that can guarantee success in fundraising. Instead, every organization should invest in the creation of a comprehensive Fund Development plan. Depending on the size of your organization, the plan may be limited to a simple social media-based donation project complimented by a corporate sponsorship program. Or, perhaps you will enhance your existing donor relations program to include data analysis and legacy planning.  Like a strategic plan, a fund development plan must be relatively straightforward, useful and attainable but also include some aspirational ideas that force your team to dream big.  


WRB Consulting can help your organization create a Fund Development plan that assesses your current fundraising processes and strategies, aligns with your programmatic goals and objectives, and recommends new and innovative tools and projects to help reach your fund development goals. 


Sculpting a Fund Development Plan 

Much like the process of developing a full strategic plan, creating a comprehensive Fund Development plan involves the gathering of a team to work in a facilitated, strategic visioning session that encourages participants to ask questions, probe opportunities and use their creativity to spark ideas that will lead to a sustainable funding strategy that reaches all segments of your audience. 

Grant Writing

There is a method and process to grant writing that will result in more effective and compelling grant requests and proposals. WRB Consulting works hand-in-hand with the leadership of nonprofit organizations and social responsibility projects to strategically develop and create meaningful and effective, grant applications that meet the organization’s mission, vision, and core values. 


No grant application can be guaranteed, but as an experienced grant writer, Wendy Rose Bice uses research tools to determine which applications make the most sense for your project and organization. It is vital that your request aligns with the Foundation’s funding priorities, which ultimately saves valuable time and resources. 

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