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Philanthropic Advising

Who ever said it is easy to give away money? Like the not-for-profits they support, family and private Foundations must also be clear in their mission and vision.


One of the greatest challenges faced by family-based and small private foundations is the transition from the “individual” approach, where the founder or a small board makes funding decisions based on emotion, to an organization with a greater perspective and a mission focused on impact. It is essential that Foundation trustees (and staff) have a unified understanding of the Foundation’s purpose and use their expertise to guide the Foundation wisely and with care toward achieving maximum results.

Philanthropic Advising

Let's talk. WRB Consulting is proud to be of assistance to philanthropists who wish to explore their giving priorities, sort through myriad appeals and develop a strategy that helps prioritize meaningful giving and develop a philanthropic approach to distribution of funds. 


When complete, a Foundation’s Strategic Vision is among its most valuable assets. It is where the dreams and aspirations of the Foundation are articulated, and at the same time, where logic and method provide clarity to assist the Trustees in making purposeful decisions.


WRB Consulting, let by Wendy Rose Bice, a seasoned and trusted executive in strategic consulting for nonprofit organizations, works with the Foundation’s trustees and leadership teams to lead strategic visioning sessions.


In leading this comprehensive series of sessions, WRB Consulting will include discussions and exercises designed to unite board members on mission, vision, impact and funding focus areas and priorities. The process will conclude with a Strategic Vision that includes updated grant application materials, grant review guidelines, and a framework for future planning and growth. Sessions will include:

  • Review and discussion of the Foundation’s mission: Is it current and in alignment with funding patterns?​

  • Foundation Trustees: Is the board diverse and reflective of the communities you serve? Do Trustees have a clear framework from which to make funding decisions?

  • Strategic Vision: What does success look like? What impact can your funding have on the communities you serve?

Grant Administration

Many Foundations do not wish to employ an executive director or staff to administer the solicitation, review and management of the grant process. Tailored to each client’s needs, WRB Consulting will manage the back-end of Foundation operations including these services:

  • Management of application invitations, grant application and web application portals, communications to grant applicants.

  • Collating and organizing grant proposals for review with Trustees (grant committee).

  • Monitor grantee performance to ensure proper reports are being submitted, as per grant requirements.

  • Provide comprehensive grant status reports to the board, and oversee/conduct any appropriate follow up actions related to governance and grant making.  

  • Coordinate site-visits, if needed.

  • Create and maintain impact measurement tools and materials, based on board initiatives.

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